Can Praia

“modernismo brasileño con alma ibicenca”


Transforming a holiday retreat in Santa Gertrudis into a midcentury oasis evokes the tranquil ambiance of a Balearic coastal villa. Our vision merges Mediterranean lifestyle essentials with the essence of Brazilian modernism: sleek concrete floors, complemented by warm woods and abundant greenery, crafting a sophisticated interior that radiates warmth and allure.

Furnishings will predominantly feature vintage-inspired wooden pieces, subtly infused with Ibicenco charm. Our design ethos revolves around neutral tones and streamlined aesthetics, providing a versatile backdrop for the client’s eclectic travel souvenirs. These accents inject bursts of color and texture, harmonizing seamlessly with the natural elements of wood, concrete, and foliage.

At the heart of the project lies the concept of “can praia”, symbolizing the fusion of Ibicenco and Brazilian cultures into a harmonious, unified space.

Interior Design by Ibiza Interiors
Landscape Design by Ibiza Exteriors
Photography by Ariadna Puigdomenech

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