Cala Moli

“harmonizing ethnic artistry with modern sophistication”


The core concept revolves around blending sculptural elements and textures with sleek modern lines, celebrating the quintessential Mediterranean interior style while infusing innovative personal touches. This juxtaposition creates a captivating ambiance and serves as focal points, sparking engaging conversations and narratives within the space.

Moreover, we prioritize creating distinct social areas within the house, utilizing carefully selected furniture and styling to adapt each space for optimal functionality. This approach ensures that the interior seamlessly caters to various gatherings and events, offering a truly inviting experience for guests.

Additionally, our design aims to honor the natural beauty of the Ibiza landscape by seamlessly integrating these elements into both the indoor and outdoor spaces of Can Nicolau. Through thoughtfully curated outdoor areas, we aim to cultivate a social Mediterranean lifestyle while embracing the rustic charm of the countryside.

Interior Design by Ibiza Interiors
Construction by Puga Constructions
Photography by Ariadna Puigdomenech
Sketch by Alicia Uldall

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