Established in 2014 by interior architect Jurjen van Hulzen, Ibiza Interiors is an acclaimed architectural and interior design practice. Specializing in assisting both professional developers and private clients, we’re dedicated to bring complete concept driven projects to life involving architecture, interior design, and landscaping on the charming balearic island of Ibiza.

At Ibiza Interiors, we are visionary designers committed to bringing our clients’ visions to life. While we primarily work with private clients, we are also open to collaborations with developers, real estate professionals, and other architectural studios. Our conceptual approach ensures that each project reflects a unique reality. If you’re looking to build a new residence, renovate a finca, or decorate your interior, reach out to us. Let’s start a conversation!

designing the new mediterranean.


At Ibiza Interiors, we provide comprehensive support and expertise at every stage of your project. From initial concept design to construction, interior design, and landscaping, we meticulously handle every detail. Our team is dedicated to deliver exceptional results that reflect the unique charm and beauty of Ibiza, ensuring your project comes to life seamlessly and to the highest standards.

We specialize in modern-mediterranean-oriented architecture, creating functional and timeless interiors. This commitment of continuous exploration not only fuels our passion for innovation but also ensures that our work remains at the forefront of design and limitless possibilities.