Finca Vecchi



One of the first Ibiza Interiors projects—an old Ibicencan finca. Our project is a testament to preserving the rich heritage and charm of traditional Ibicencan architecture while infusing it with modern comfort and functionality.

Through meticulous restoration and rehabilitation efforts, we honor the unique character and history of this historic property. Every detail, from the rugged stone walls to the weathered wooden beams, has been carefully preserved and restored to its former glory.

At the same time, we introduce contemporary elements to enhance the livability of the space, ensuring that it meets the needs of modern-day living. Bright and airy interiors blend seamlessly with rustic textures and clean lines, creating a harmonious balance between old-world charm and modern sophistication.

Designed by Ibiza Interiors
Photography by Ariadna PuigdomenechOn a hazy morning
Sketch by Jurjen Van Hulzen

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