Tine K home

We are the agent of Tine K home on Ibiza, is a mixture of bohemian living, elegant simplicity and botanical living danish company.

Eventhough is an Scandinavian brand, their consistent simplicity fits so nicely in the times design trends.

Their outdoor bamboo collection is one of the best-sellers in the island!

They design from furniture, interiors to fabrics, home accessories and complements series. Tines have their own designs inspired from various overseas trips in particular Vietnam, Morocco and India.

”It is the contrast between the light and dark colours that creates style and atmosphere. The darker tones you often get from old objects, furniture and rugs from the far East. I love hand crafted interior which are rich in history and soul”. Tine.

You can get your set of outdoor bamboo collection and many more at Ibiza Interiors!

For all inquiries, please drop us a line: hola@ibizainteriors.com