Carl Hansen & Søn

We collaborate with Carl Hansen & Søn, a danish furniture design from 1908.

Carl Hansen & Søn is now a days a recognized leader for the high quality of his hand craftsmanship wooden bespoke furniture worldwide.

They cooperated with a range of well-known architects and designers. Until the middle of the 1940s they started work with Frits Henningsen who designed a series of Windsor chairs.
Following Henningsen came up an unknown designer Hans J. Wegner, who designed four chairs in 1949 and became an essential and unique for Carl Hansen & Søn. All of which came into production and were launched in 1950. Wegner created the legendary Wishbone Chair and CH25 which has been produced ever since.

After a few years Carl Hansen & Søn still produce design furniture such as dining tables and chairs, easy chairs, stools, sofas and coffee tables as well as office furniture and children’s furniture – all in the same high quality.

Today, Carl Hansen & Søn is the largest manufacturer of furniture designed by Hans J. Wegner. They also produce outstanding furniture classics by some of Denmark’s most influential architects such as Mogens Koch, Kaare Klint and Ole Wanscher.

True to the company’s founding values, it is Carl Hansen & Søn’s ambition to make furniture of highest quality, remaining beauty and value with respect for sustainable design, materials and more than 100 years of traditions of craftsmanship.


All wood used by Carl Hansen & Søn is hardwood purchased from responsible sawmills with whom they have long, established relationships. They only use new wood – never recycled wood.

Basically they use oak, beech and ash mainly from danish forests which are managed according to the Danish Forest Act (latest edition 2004). This law promotes sustainable forestry incorporating ecological, social and economic considerations. They also use walnut and American Cherry for selected models sourced from American forests.

Many of the chairs designed by Hans J. Wegner are made with paper cord. Paper cord is made of paper from sustainable Swedish forest. All paper cord is biodegradable and can be incinerated after use.

For our soap treated wooden furniture we use 100% natural soap based on pure vegetal oils. Our oil treated wooden furniture is treated with oils based on plants oils. These materials do not emit gases of any kind after they are applied.

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