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Ibiza Interiors started as a collaboration project between Standard Studio & Modern Vintage. Two companies that share a beautiful space in the oud-zuid neighbourhood in Amsterdam. After visiting Ibiza a couple of times, ideas started to grow and we found there is still a lot missing on the island. Especially in furniture and accessories, but also in design and architecture itself. The goal of Ibiza Interiors is to stand out with design and architecture and of course with the most unique objects and furniture, all this with what we like to call ‘permanent style’.

Text from Standard Studio:

We are Standard Studio, architects and interior designers, specializing in branded environments and contemporary dream homes. We are a multidisciplinary firm with our HQ based in Amsterdam, and our second studio in Ibiza.

Standard’s main focus is on designing and developing concepts for retail, hospitality and commercial spaces. With a strong background in international hotel and branding we know how to work for bigger and smaller clients, locally or abroad. We strive to work for clients just as ambitious as we are to make a change in their game!

Besides working on big commercial projects, we love working on smaller scaled residential projects. We embrace a modern, globally-oriented philosophy of design, and like to work with high quality materials, storytelling objects and vintage furniture.

Every project we do is thoughtfully conceived as a response to the particulars of program, place and client. We find our conceptual foundation in our client’s dreams, personal taste or experience. Standard likes to think that every client, and thus every home, is unique and deserves a personal approach. 

Our Studio provides a variety of services including architecture, interior design and styling, furniture and lighting design. We don’t want to be trendy, but aim for a timeless eclectic result with permanent style.

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