Pool design

Designing your dream come true pool starts with inspiration.

Picture the scene: you have arrived on the White Isle, transferred quickly over to your villa where the mercury is nearing 30 degrees and dropped off your luggage. What better way to begin your holiday than with a quick dip in the pool to cool down and shake off the fatigue from the flight? What if your pool also offers an incredible view over Ibiza’s fantastic scenery?

By their very nature, the advantage of infinity pools is that they tend to offer fantastic views from the overflowing edge. We’ve got some great examples here of the most beautiful infinity pools, but also some really natural looking pools with green tiles.

We just selected some great and inspiring pool design from random projects on Ibiza. Besides these inspirational images, we have all the skills and connections to design and build your wish come true pool! An investment that makes an upgrade for your house, but also for your time enjoying the island, for you and your guests!


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