Ibiza Campo guesthouse

Design and build of a bed and breakfast in San Lorenzo.

We had a little work holiday with our friends from Amsterdam, to make an Ibiza guesthouse. For a full week we worked very hard with 6 guys from the Dutch office, to get an old local farm house transformed to a nice and magazine worthy finca guesthouse. And with success, because the house actually was published in the Pacha magazine, a really cool local magazine.

Fourty liters of wall paint we used, to get the old orange and brown walls clean and white. We totally rebuilt the kitchen, and we cleaned the pool. En all this in just one week of time! The nice Eames chairs of Modern Vintage really are the finishing touch, and the pictures were shot just a few hours before our departure by plane back to Amsterdam. Where we normally draw and specify everything, in this case we just worked and improvised. Something really different of course, but surely just as fun!

Project | Ibiza Guesthouse
Location | San Lorenzo, Ibiza
Floor | 150 m2
Year| 2015