Evert Groot

Fabrics & upholstery.

We are the official agent of Evert Groot fabrics on Ibiza. If you’re interested in one of their producst, please don’t hesitate to drop a line.

Text from Evert Groot:

Our fabrics are like life itself. They can be soft and smooth like a new born child but, in time, they might weather with charm just as we do. They apply to all our senses and our imagination, no matter what age we are. As children, old blankets become caves and castles in wich we shape our star fetching dreams. As adults, the right fabrics effortlessly turn buildings into homes, walls into art, windows into theatres. But, what is the right fabric?
Here at ‘Evert Groot, Etoffe Unique’ we believe quality and eco-sensible production are undisputed musts. That is exactly why we are deeply involved in every step needed to create a fabric that lives up to our high standard. From the natural crops growing in Belgium and France and our own Dutch bio-fed sheep to the unique sheets of cloth and wool that arrive at our Amsterdam head quarters. Every element of the production process is monitored on site by our own people. Talking to farmers, weavers and transporters. Making sure nothing gets in the way of our products’ natural character and… our clients’ personal taste.
Yes, your personal taste! Whatever it is your lifestyle requires, it will be taken into account. Before the first thread is woven we will make sure everyone involved in creating the fabric performs their task with your specific demands in mind. Making the result your ‘étoffe unique’.

For all inquiries, please drop us a line: hola@ibizainteriors.com