Design for loft apartment in the city

Design and renderings for real estate development

We collaborate with professional and private developers, doing the architecture, interior design and photorealistic impressions. We help people who want to develop their property, big or small, in the campo or the city. Whether it’s a total renovation, or just styling and a finishing touch, we can make sure it will presented in a way that makes it lots easier to sell or rent out, or to find investors for example.

This project is for a professional developer who owns a 3 story house in the city. His plan is to sell the house including a total renovation, which is going to look like the images presented. The new owner can still decide to change certain things, which we will amend in our design. After that we’ll make all the plans and drawings for bespoke furniture, including all details and specifications.

This design has some Ibiza flavour to it, but is mainly designed in what we like to call a ‘global style’. We think this eclectic mix and rich and pure materials will have a large target group, on Ibiza and all the rest of the world. It could also be a canal house in Amsterdam or a loft in New York.

This 300m2 house includes an office, residence and a very nice guesthouse. So ideal for pied-a-terre in the city with options to rent, or year round residence.

Project | City Loft Apartment
Surface | 300 m2
Year| 2016